Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Belgian Hazelnut Spread and Weekly Breakfast Menu

I am one of those people who will be stand in the lines to try all the samples at the grocery stores looking for something new. Wait,wait, don't get me wrong. These 'sampler stalls' are very nice to get an idea of the product  with out buying and not to get disappoint after buying it when you don't end up liking it. As we are big fans of Costco, some times their samplers are huge enough to skip the breakfast. ;-) While I miss those days, here Hypercity comes to my rescue, when i saw 'sampler stalls' at this place. So One morning this Hazelnut spread got my eye, as I am not a huge fan of chocolate or sweets, reluctantly I have tried this sample hoping this chocolate spread does not taste like 'Chocolaty'. and No I did not, it is so Natural ( no artificial flavors) and it tasted so delicious. With out any thought it has been added to my grocery cart, and VJ gave me that looks which conveys, 'For People like me only the sampler stalls meant for. They make you try and make you buy' :-)

So Next day I want to see my buy in action, I spread this on the milk bread and served the kiddos, they simply loved it. That evening I heard Abhi talking to his friend saying ' My mom, got this spread you know, it is so yummy.. you should try this too... ' ( his exact words with his big eyes that expresses all his liking about this spread). Couldn't ask more when my kiddos love the new things that I always try and buy. :-)

With that Let me share my Weekly Breakfast Menu planner here... ( As I am in India now, I am including all the tropical fruits in their breakfast and kids are enjoying new kind of fruits).

DayCarbs and Protein Fruit Based
Monday Milk Bread with Hazel Nut Spread Pomegranate
TuesdayBoiled Egg Apple
WednesdayOatmeal with Milk and Honey Banana
ThursdayBell Pepper Omelet Watermelon or MuskMelon
Friday Milk with Chocos Papayya or Guava
Saturday Semya Upma with Vegetables Mango Juice
Sunday Idli/Dosa Strawberry Yogurt

I made sure I have included Carbs and Protein and Nutrients  to well balance the kiddo's diet. Hope this makes it your busy morning easier. :-) Please share your breakfast planners and new breakfast ideas for little ones. Would love to try them all.

Have a Happy Morning Everyday 
- Mythreyi


  1. Hi mythu, sounds gud. Nutella is yum as well. Vardhan loves the bread pieces with nutella spread and a green grape or banana piece on it.

  2. My kid loves the Nutella spread you know!... I'm just hunting for new recipes for my kid.. and you have the perfect blog with the perfect name :)