Monday, February 7, 2011

Blue Berry Stuck Belgian Waffles

To make little creations you don't have to always cook every thing from scratch. When I am in a hurry, these waffles are saviors. As I told you before how much sweet tooth my kids got, they really relish this breakfast, with out me after them with Finish up mantra (I am always after them saying Finish It! Finish up!....).

So today I have got these Belgian style waffles (not the round one) toast them in the toaster for 1 min on medium setting and filled the grid with some honey and stuck the blue berries on the grid.

Today we even invited Mickey and Minnie to have breakfast with them. My Little ones ate the waffles and fruits while pretending that Mickey and Minnie are here. All the souls are happy now after the breakfast. They did n't even notice how happy I was for finishing up their berries. Well Played.... Mommy! :-)

Ofcourse today is Sunday and I am busy with making super bowl snacks. That's why they get to play while eating.;-)

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